We are a team with over 15 years of expertise in the establishment and management of companies in India. We have a team of multinational professionals in both countries to advise you on the different areas of business.

business and marketing consultancy

We advise you on the business, commercial, financial management of your company in order to make efficient use of your resources with the aim of achieving the desired results without wasting time or money. We provide you with a team of economists, engineers, auditors and administrative clerks with extensive experience.

legal advice

We know the complex legislation and bureaucracy in India. We advise and accompany you through all the necessary steps, helping you overcome any obstacles you may find along the way. We advise your company on issues of standardization and certification.

human resources services

We evaluate the needs of Indian personnel for each company and perform the work of selection and recruitment.

We assist in the processing of visas and choosing the best travel options for the training of company personnel in both directions, both Indian staff attending training courses at the parent company, as well as the Spanish expat moving to India.

cultural advice

Customs and practices in India are very different from ours and therefore can be a great cultural shock for the companies that decide to invest in this country. We advise and help our customers to understand the cultural differences which, in some instances, can result in added difficulties in the proper running of a business.

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