We address our customer's supply needs in terms of product quality, quantity and price. We source the best options for your business and manage all the steps until the final delivery.

  • Supplier sourcing
  • Tracking of prototypes according to customer technical requirements
  • Supplier approval
  • Price negotiation
  • Signing of agreements
  • Quality control

We conduct market research and feasibility studies in order to introduce your product in India. Due to many years of business management in India we have an extensive list of contacts which we leave at the disposal of our customers.

  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Search for potential customers
  • Preparation of meeting agenda
  • Assistance when visiting potential customers
  • Price negotiation
  • Signing of agreements

Being a multidisciplinary team allows us the opportunity to offer our customers the services of our qualified technical staff in order to monitor and oversee quality matters wherever needed (in your plant, with suppliers, customers, etc.), as well as taking part in quality control audits and the standardisation of products.

We offer our customers the possibility of taking on the task of production control of suppliers, so as of their partner company in India. Our personnel is trained in different production control systems to avoid delays, ensuring deadlines are met and objectives achieved.

We, likewise, share the know-how of our expert personnel with our customers, obtaining, in some cases, a significant saving in production costs.

We have spent years in the Indian corporate world, implementing, managing and advising on business direction which in turn has made us knowledgeable about the complexity of administrative procedures, tax diversity, accounting differences in India, bank networks and their operations, etc.

We have a team of economists, auditors and management with extensive experience in the Indian corporate world, offering our clients the financial and accounting management of their company, assisting in all areas that are needed: opening bank accounts, applying for varying financial services, calculating investments, payroll, property management, etc.

One of the cornerstones of any successful business is its staff. When it comes to developing business overseas, either through a deployment or a representative office, a properly trained and experienced staff can definitely help to accomplish its objectives.

Our extensive data-base, investment of time and resources when searching personnel has been and is our key to finding the appropriate candidate, the one that best suits the necessities of every position in each type of business. We evaluate and discuss with our customers the different personnel needs, the required profiles for every company and the costs. We make an exhaustive search to find the candidates that best matches the requirements of the position. By means of several interviews, we elaborate a short-list that we share with the customer in order to take the final decision together. Once the candidate has been selected, Indversis submits all the necessary recruitment documents.

What sets us apart is our flexibility and ability to adapt ourselves to the needs and peculiarities of each customer by offering tailored services and reinventing ourselves with each of them. Indversis is a company continually evolving in order to respond to each proposal through its flexible, multidisciplinary and international team.

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the Indian market, our customers have entrusted Indversis with the outsourcing and management of different aspects of the development or expansion of their businesses.

We have made a commitment and understand the evolution of each business and the need to feel supported when facing changes. Because of this, our services range is continually evolving.

Tf: +34 948 105 800, Email: info@indversis.com